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Every symptom has a story. Your body is talking. What if you could listen to it? These stories behind symptoms are the key to healing.


BodyTalk is a holistic, non-invasive modality providing insights into the areas of your body that need attention.


Through the use of a variety of techniques, improved intercellular communication within the body invokes your body's own inherent healing powers.


BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple, non-invasive approach.  It is so effective that it is considered the fastest growing healthcare system in the world today. For more information: 

What is a Distance BodyTalk Session?

A distant BodyTalk session is facilitated from a distance, and it is based on the principles of quantum physics. Quantum physics tells us that everything is interconnected and interdependent between every atom in the universe.  


Thus, every human is connected. Through this interconnectedness, the trained BodyTalk practitioner can tune in to the client’s unique frequency. It is very much like how wireless technology works.


Distant sessions are suitable when you can’t come for an in-person session or living in another state or country. It is conducted in the same manner as an in-person session and is equally effective as an in-person session.  


You can choose a specific time for the distant session. Sessions can be done during everyday activities, but most people prefer to relax during their session time.


If clients prefer to participate in the session, the session will be conducted via Zoom or Skype. However, when clients can’t coordinate time with Jasmine due to busy schedules or time zone differences, the session will be sent via audio recording or email. The client can then listen or read the session at their convenience.


If you want to learn more about distant healing, the Institute of Noetic Sciences offers good resources, (IONS)


75 minute session

Initial Consultation and treatment 

Two Dried Leaves
Initial Session In-Person or Distant

 $150    75 minute initial consultation and treatment session


50 minute session

Two Dried Leaves
Follow Up Session

 $130    40-50 minute in-person session

50 minute session

*Distance Sessions are booked through the Contact form using this 'Book Now' button

Two Dried Leaves
Distance Session

 $130   40-50 minute session via zoom or skype

60 minute session

Two Dried Leaves
BodyTalk with Acupuncture

 $145    60 minute combo session


6 - 50 minute sessions

Two Dried Leaves
Package of 5 Follow-up Sessions

 $575   5 X 50 minute follow up sessions

Other BodyTalk Sessions and Duru Indi


BodyTalk for Animals

Bodytalk for Animals aims to bring good overall balance to your animal companion’s mind/body.

Creative Office
BodyTalk for Businesses
and Groups

Your business is much like your body. Just like the body, different components of business must work together to be a ‘healthy’ business.

Duru Indi

For Jasmine, Indi arrived as a 5-pound ball of Cavalier Spaniel fluff, and he eventually grew into a 15-pound guru emanating wisdom, strength, and pure love.