To better serve my clients, as a holistic healthcare practitioner, I believe in taking a cooperative approach with fellow practitioners. One such opportunity is the combination of applying a Bodytalk session, which invokes our body’s own inherent healing powers by improving intercellular communication, with the gentle manual osteopath techniquesoffered by my colleague, Mehrbod Atshani. Together, to promote overall good health and wellbeing, a combined session will help your body to find a more natural alignment and balance.

A dedicated Manual Osteopath, Mehrbod Atshani not only brings vast knowledge of the human physiology drawn from his 6 years as a trained MD in Iran but also provides exceptional care to his clients.

BodyTalk plus 1-hour Osteopath combo session for $230* (20% off)

Package of three combo sessions: $690*

*Applicable taxes would be added to the price

This special ends on February 11th 2022

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